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Loving My Instrument Series

A musician love for their instrument reflects their every mood, their every subtle nuance of feeling, every slightest bit of tension or weakness. And it never complains, judges, or criticizes; it just reflects back to them whatever they give it. And always, the instrument and the musician respect…(continue reading)

Music Education Program Exposing Elementary Students To Jazz

I think this is great what they are doing to educate students on the history of jazz.“There are students at Miles Davis Academy [in Englewood] that do not know Miles Davis was a famous jazz artist. We want to help put music back into Chicago Public Schools where the arts are slowly disappearing...(continue reading)

Jazz Original Acrylic Paintings Art For Sale

This is my newest painting titled "A Love Affair". This is an original acrylic jazz art painting of a musician expressing her passion and love affair for the cello. From the "Loving My Instrument" series. A musician love for their instrument reflects their every...(continue reading)

My Love For Jazz Music! Why I Paint Jazz Paintings?

It s no secret that I love to listen to music. Those that are close to me knows that I am passionate when it comes to music & entertainment. I am eclectic when it comes to music, I grew up listening to a lot of music Rap, R& B etc. But of all the genre of music, I love Jazz the most because...(continue reading)

Hot Property | George Duke

The longtime home of the late George Duke, where top musicians recorded in the commercial quality studio on the home’s lower level, is for sale in Hollywood Hills at $2.999 million.  ...(continue reading)

I Am Jazz Series

This is a series of portrait paintings of jazz legends. Capturing the essence of the musicians is the primary motivation. Each title of the painting starts off with "I Am" followed by the musician name.  "I Am Sonny Rollins"Artwork by Ken reading)

Jazz Legends Series

This is a collection of paintings of some of the worlds greatest musicians in jazz. I try to capture the emotion and essence of each artwork.  "Charlie Parker"Artwork by Ken reading)